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      1. Welcome to Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd. official website

        Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Focus on the production and manufacture of injection molding machine for 10 years, national high-tech enterprise

        South China:136-8666-5453

        East China:139-2550-8791

        • C100 Vertical Injection Molding Machine
        • C100 Vertical Injection Molding Machine

        C100 Vertical Injection Molding Machine

        Contact usTEL:13686665453
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        Performance characteristics:

        1, Vertical direct pressure mold locking, horizontal injection, no column, open on three sides, Chinese/English electrical control, screen display, double proportional pressure, flow oil-way control, strong mechanical structure, high pressure, fast speed.

        2, C-type steel structure, integrated molding, high pressure bending moment deformation is tiny, direct pressure mode locking, double cylinder injection system, high precision, long life, no column barriers, more convenient to embed and take out, and more able to cooperate with automatic line operation.

        3, The overall level of height of the injection seat rises and falls horizontally (there are two ways, manual and automatic), which is easy to adjust the level of the mould center, making the installation and debugging of the mold more convenient and eliminating material running.

        4, Diversified oil-way system design (semi-closed, full-closed, servo or high-speed injection molding) can meet customers’ needs.

        5, According to customers' product requirements, we can choose standard model, sliding models (single-mode sliding, two-mode sliding), rotary models (2-station, 3-station or multi-station) and other models.


        Contact: Manager Zeng

        Mobile phone:13925508791



        Address: Fulong Yangwu Industrial Zone,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Provice,China

        Copyrights©2018 Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved case number:粵ICP備16078114號

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